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About Us

MPMOM is a non-profit organization, committed to providing support, resources, and outreach to families with multiples. 

As the local club serving Union County, NJ and surrounding towns of the national Multiples of America aka National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs. we are dedicated to enriching families of multiple birth children through support, education, and research. In partnering with local organizations, health care providers, researchers, and educators, we enable support and networking opportunities for parents of multiples as well as aid in the awareness of unique qualities of multiple birth families

Meet Our Board

Melissa Chelland

Melissa is a mom of 5 year old boy/girl twins and a 4 year old baby girl. She works full time so life can be hectic at times but she loves the time she spends with family. She loves to be be active so is always on the go whether it's taking the babies to the park or go for a run or to the gym. 


Cindy Stamos


Cindy is a mom of 3 year boy/girl twins and lives in Fanwood. She works full time at L’Oreal in Finance.  She enjoys spending weekends down the shore in the summer with her husband and the twins. 

Laura Miranda Browne
VP Fundraising
Laura is the president of a societal benefit corporation that focuses on solar energy development projects. When she isn't fending off toddlers or her dog, she and her husband binge watch Netflix and HBO series like there isn't a giant pile of laundry to fold. Hobbies include: needlepoint (for real!), shouting about the news, reading novels, and making her very patient husband rearrange the furniture. 
Donna Y
Social Chair

Donna lives in Warren with her husband, Jarek, toddler twins, Karolina and Aleks, and Maxwell the Frenchie. They love the great outdoors and aspire to be beach and ski bums. 

Michelle D.jpg
Michelle Darling
Co-VP Programming
Michelle lives in New Providence with her husband Brian, 5 year old daughter Ella and 2 month old identical twin boys Colin and Matthew. She is an occupational therapist working in outpatient rehabilitation.
Jess Soltys
Co-VP Programming

Jess lives in Cranford with her husband, 5 year old identical twin girls and two rescue dogs. Prior to staying at home with her girls she worked as a school psychologist. Jess enjoys spending time outside with her family on the weekends, and when she finds time she enjoys running and working out.

Dora Rodrigues
Co-VP Membership

Dora lives in Kenilworth with her husband Nuno and their 9 year old identical twins boys Jake and Matthew! She is a dental technician and owns a dental laboratory for full mouth reconstruction. In the summer she has the privilege to send the kids overseas for the summer with their grandparents what gives her a break from all the craziness; she misses them to death - they don’t really care to talk for more than 2 minutes . She’s into taekwondo with the twins what helps their bond grow tremendously!

Sharon Atkins
Co-VP Membership
Sharon lives in Mountainside with her husband Jason, daughter Harlow 2, and fraternal twins Brody and Kyle 1. She loves spending time outside with the kids, and you’ll always find them at a local park running around. Sharon and Jason were avid travelers pre kids, and can’t want to start taking the kids!


Valerie Shander

Valerie lives in Westfield with her husband Ben, 5 year old son Adam and fraternal 9 month old twins- Jacob and Noah. She works an oncology nurse practitioner. When not working and chasing after her three active boys Valerie enjoys reading, traveling (hopefully will be safe to do so again soon) and watching movies.

Alexandra Leigh
Alexandra lives in Scotch Plains with her husband, 3 year old daughter and 1 year old identical twin boys. She works full time and can be found spending time with her large family on weekends.

Chiara Duane
All Age Outings
Chiara lives in Fanwood with her 2 year old boy/girl twins and husband.  She works full time as an Assistant in a High School. She enjoys traveling and has already taken her twins to meet family in Italy.

Danielle S.jpg
Danielle Stio
All Age Outings
Danielle is mom of boy/girl twins who are 6 years old. She lives in South Plainfield. and is a reading specialist for middle school kids. In her spare time, she loves to run and train for races. She also loves the beach, taking pictures and reading.
Lauren Wright
Newsletter Editor

Lauren lives in Kenilworth with her 6 month boy/girl twins. Lauren loves being a new mom, is an avid traveler and can’t wait for the twins to be old enough to start exploring the globe with her.

Kalshelia Lloyd
Kalshelia lives in Rahway, NJ with her husband and college sweetheart.  She has toddler twins, Jackson and Layla. She works as a Marketing Director in Northern NJ. She loves to run and workout but uses her weekends to relax with family and friends. 
Steph Webb
Big Sister Chair/Advisor

Steph teaches gifted elementary students and she and her husband became parents to twin girls in July 2014. A little over 2 years later they had a little boy. In any free time  she can find, Steph likes to read, go to concerts, watch movies, and sleep. She has 

gained so much from MPMOM and attributes it to keeping her sane!

Christine Barbera

Christine has 5 year old fraternal twin boys- Dominic and Luca and 2 year old Matteo.  They are full of energy and lots of love! She is a teacher at Cranford High School.  Life is crazy but she wouldn't change it for anything. She lives in Mountainside with her husband Nick

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